Do you know that detox systems to purify our body started many centuries ago?


But, most of us have forgotten about them... Spring and Autumn are the best moments, although we can do detox at anytime. Above all nowadays, because of climate change. Also in case you have been under conventional medication for a long period of time, you may want to go on reading...

Spring and Autumn are the very special seasons when we prepare our home, put everything in place in the garage and kitchen, we change clothes... everything is renewed. And what about us, our body? Do we prepare our body and mind for the new seasons?

After Winter and its relative slowness, everything is again alive with a new vibrant rhythm. Often we are not so fine and in consequence, we can feel sad, weak, catch colds or develop allergies, or some digestive complaints. Did you know that Liver is more sensitive in Spring? This is the main season to help Liver detoxifying blood and body, and also mind.


And so it is some how the same in Autumn... After Summer, we need to change clothes, prepare ourselves for winter, "when paths are closed" as it was said in the ancient times. Our body also change its rhythm as light is weaker and shorter along the day. Any "thing" that is kept in our body will be there very deeply, for sure creating problems, as "doors and passes" are closed to avoid cold. The general energy is now deep inside as life is kept in roots and trees lose their leaves. We also lose hair in Autumn. Colds, respiratory infections, kidneys conditions, lack of energy and mental/physical vitality... That what we keep in Autumn and maintain during Winter, will be outside in Spring creating problems such as we explained above. And so... Autumn is also a perfect moment for a DETOX plan.

Almost all the ancient cultures and traditions consider detoxification techniques as part of their health care. Diet is the main one, along with some herbal products that help the organs in charge of fluids filtering. 

Have you ever considered why do we see clearly, hear clearly, think clearly, walk with agility, feel happy, etc?

In case you are not feeling any of the above issues... may be you need "some adjustments". Body has its own filtering and elimination organs to expel toxins. Ok, we eat, drink,  we breath, but  we also create waste and waste does not go "outside" just through urination, stools, sweating... part of this waste can remain inside, as dirty stuff, blocking up "our pipes", organs and mucous membranes such as liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin...

Oh! the poor filtering organs! We almost ignore them. There are few people who remember that a fast or semi-fast day can be useful...

Clean organs may benefit lots of conditions, as we can avoid several illnesses. Let´s think about our car... we do go thought the technical review, and so we avoid many problems, we do that to prevent expensive repairs ;) and for our security. So... just do the same for yourself and your body. Do you change your car filters every X kilometers?? So... what about your body... you can´t. So keep them clean and flexible.

And more... whatever you are going though, if you are not feeling fine... a DETOX plan is always a good idea. It also will help your activities dealing with body weight control and living a healthier life.

So now...

As I say: "Clean Body, Clean Mind".

Do DETOX!! Green, Pure and Aloe Plus can help you. Take a look at our beloved products.

Some suggestions: Take 15 ml of Pure and 15 ml of Green before breakfast and dinner. Use 2 bottles of each, so you will do your detox program for about 33 days. In case you have some problems with your intestine movement, you can add Aloe Plus 1 pill on Friday and Saturday night (i.e.). Remember a "clean diet", workout to move your blood, drink water or juices, no sugar, no fat, sleep restores your energy and reset your body and mind. And enjoy your detox program!!


There is a special offer for you... yes, you can do it... go to the offer

New Season, Detox Reason.
By Dr. Nuria Lorite-Ayan

Nutritional supplements do not substitute a healthy and varied diet. We respect labelling about allergens. Ask your health care provider. In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care provider about any supplement. Take care, learn a healthy life style and be happy. 

Los complementos nutricionales no sustituyen una vida y dieta saludables. El etiquetado refleja si hay alergenos. Consulta a tu profesional de la salud. Si estas embarazada o en lactancia: consulta a un profesional de la salud por cualquier complemento nutricional. Cuídate, aprende un estilo de vida saludable y sé feliz.  

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