Mastery in every moment of your life.

Master Life formulae are designed according to forefront Biochemistry, Physic–Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, combining knowledge from ancient Tradicional Chinese Medicine. A myriad of substances and biochemical reactions occur inside us every mili-second to ensure our life, and physical and mental wellness. 

In a constantly changing world, where numerous threats exist, we all want to live more and live better. In order to achieve that, psyco–physical resilience mechanisms are key.

Master Life coalesces Science and Tradition, Technology and Nature, to nourish a healthy life style, maintaining and recovering health.

Formulated for you.

By Dr. Nuria Lorite-Ayán.

International Reference in Integrative Health Care & Research.

Natural consciousness 

Holistic health

Cutting edge research 

Body-Mind connection



Transfers vitality and protection. Immune, Nervous and Endocrine Optimization. Advanced balance at the extracellular matrix for each cell. Immune update with specific transfer factors.
Cardiovascular support, prebiotic action, mucous tissues integrity and vital organs care.
An advanced and registered formula based on more than 30 years of experience, and biochemistry and physio-energetics. Top knowledge for an integral health and wellbeing.
The Ultimate Care in Wellness.
In changing times we face threads, biological responses and optimal balance are key: we want to live longer. Live better.



Kits offers some synergistic suggestions.


We collaborate with this radio show and podcast La Vida Biloba. 


Do you know about the benefits of inner detox and cleanse? Those organs that filter and mucous tissues are very important for you physical, mental and emotional wellness. 



 Master Life has a great story behing... It is a life story, with thousands of kilometers, thousands of people hundreds of conferences. And, you know what?

I want to get to you. Wherever you are. I want to show you that YOU, YOUR HEALTH, IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Because of you, because of your beloved. Because life is wonderful. That is why there are... a lot of offers. Take a look and may your choice. Olga will help you wonderfully on the online shop.

Each bottle of Master Life deliver my heart and my science.



Nutritional supplements do not substitute a healthy and varied diet. We respect labelling about allergens. Ask your health care provider. In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care provider about any supplement. Take care, learn a healthy life style and be happy. 

Los complementos nutricionales no sustituyen una vida y dieta saludables. El etiquetado refleja si hay alergenos. Consulta a tu profesional de la salud. Si estas embarazada o en lactancia: consulta a un profesional de la salud por cualquier complemento nutricional. Cuídate, aprende un estilo de vida saludable y sé feliz.  

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