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Allergens: "If they are not on the label, they are not in the product".
Transferine Master Life

Transfers balance, information and nutrition to the 3 main central control systems: immune, nervous, endocrine. Cardiovascular and prebiotic support. Protective antioxidants and energy obtention optimization, care for every single cell in your body.

Green Master Life

Supports normal function of liver and gall bladder. Digestion and stomach support. Intestinal biota support. Physio-energetic regulation of Liver, Wood and its functional, physical and mental sphere. Support Kidney yin and Fire yin. Help in mood changes. Better detox.

Alsen Master Life

Allergies and excessive internal and external sensitivities, are related to immune hyperactivity, and to other systems and organs unbalances that creates wrong body reactions, which in turn provoke a variety of symptoms and low quality of everyday life. Get rid of your allergy wihth no drowsiness!!

Colflex Master Life

Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, magnesium, Vitamin C, silicon. Healthy elastic tissues: vessels, sinews, ligaments, joints, muscles, skin, face, beauty and wellness, movement and agility. Expression wrinkles, fresh looking, antiaging.

Xlim Master Life

Supports weight control. Healthy diet, habits, your positive attitude and Xlim can shape your weight and shape.

Pure Master Life

Body fluids and spaces cleanse; improve organs health and regular functions, Clean inside, shines outside.

C Advanced Master Life

Vitamine C is a wellknown antioxidant, support immune system, protect collagen, infections, imflammation, bioflavonoids vessels, venous tone, circulation, pain.

Aloe Plus Master Life

Gut transit. Laxative effect. Prebiotic. Weight control aid.

Airux Master Life

AIRUX Normalize respiratory airways, with emollient and softening action soothes and smooth throat, bronchi, and thus upper and lower airways, in case of cough, itchy and sore throat. Lungs are related to Superficial Defense System, skin, airways, also with sadness and tiredness. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Nutritional supplements do not substitute a healthy and varied diet. We respect labelling about allergens. Ask your health care provider. In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care provider about any supplement. Take care, learn a healthy life style and be happy. 

Los complementos nutricionales no sustituyen una vida y dieta saludables. El etiquetado refleja si hay alergenos. Consulta a tu profesional de la salud. Si estas embarazada o en lactancia: consulta a un profesional de la salud por cualquier complemento nutricional. Cuídate, aprende un estilo de vida saludable y sé feliz.  

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