Your treasure depends on you.

The life we have been given depends above all on us, on our actions and care.

Our body works thanks to coordination of the different systems that protect us and keep everything as it should be. These systems work cyclically; communication is a must among them.

Surrounding stress is absorbed by our body, which in turns may get unbalanced and our of rhythm. You better live tranquility, peace, balance, strength and passion. 

And so... Transferine® a propietary registered blend.

Living more and living better, depends on information, energy and matter transfer. 

Where does Transferine work?


Immune system (IS) protects every cell in our body. IS can recognize what is  really of our own, and clear or destroy what is harmful to us inside.  So IS is a quality control for us, that is why every new cell is compatible to us. 


IS learns and protects us, creating re-balance processes, quickly and wisely. Avoids allergies and autoimmune reactions. 


IS is a complex army formed upon coordinated cells, substances and information, that work all together cyclically so that we can stay alive and healthy.


Renew IS information and vitality with Transferine®.


Central of Intelligence:  Communication network, basic for any successful action.  Should any problem occurs: to know what is happening, where and what is must be done. Control. Detection. Action. Think, create, design, decide. 



All you can do, live or feel, imagine or create depend on nervous system. 


Neural net and neurotransmitters: this communication universe emulated by technology, is yours, forever.


Take care of it, protect it, enjoy it and use it wisely with  Transferine®.


A number of certain substances control some of our organs functions, as well as our cycles and our life. 


So we are able to sleep, enjoy, happiness, run away and protect ourselves. We can get energy, keep warm, grow up, become parents, be brave, vibrate, fall in love, fly without wings... 


Being, definitely , depends on hormones and endocrine system substances. 

Cycles must be respected: their balance is your health.


Keep in balance with Transferine®.


Formula is a propietary registered blend, as well as the theory and concept that supports Transferine®. Transferine® transfers vitality and protection. Immune, Nervous and Endocrine Optimization. Advanced balance at the extracellular matrix, antioxidant protection and optimal nutrition for each and every cell, tissue and organ. 


For you and your beloved´s life.


Because Life is based on Communication and Balance, on Nutrition and Happiness.


Transferine® for the very best moment of your life: this, here, now. 

Dra. Nuria Lorite - Ayán, Designer of Transferine.

Nutritional supplements do not substitute a healthy and varied diet. We respect labelling about allergens. Ask your health care provider. In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care provider about any supplement. Take care, learn a healthy life style and be happy. 

Los complementos nutricionales no sustituyen una vida y dieta saludables. El etiquetado refleja si hay alergenos. Consulta a tu profesional de la salud. Si estas embarazada o en lactancia: consulta a un profesional de la salud por cualquier complemento nutricional. Cuídate, aprende un estilo de vida saludable y sé feliz.  

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